Why do Customers Really Buy? ⭐

Posted on Feb 12, 2021
  • We’re drowning in customers’ data but it doesn’t tell us why do people buy
    • Because these data can not be really comprehend why people buy!

After decaded of watching great companies fail, we’ve come to the conclusion that the focus on correlation - and on knowing more and more about customers - is talking businesses in the wrong direction. What they really need to home in on is the progress that the customer is trying to make in a given context. This is what we’ve come to call the job-to-be-done. - Clayton Christensen

  • People buy things because they want to make their lives better.

    • They want to progress
    • They want to overcome the obsticles that come their way
  • After buying products

    • If product works as expected
      • They’re happy and they keep using it
      • Tell thier friends about the product
    • If the product doesn’t work
      • They will get disappointed
      • They won’t use it ever
      • They will look for alternatives

Upgrade your user - not your product.

You do not build better cameras, you build better photographers.

  • If someone buys an alarm clock - what do they want?

    • They want to get fit
    • And, in the alarm clock case, what exactly is the job-to-be-done?
      • Forcing the user to get out of the bed earlier in the morning.
  • How to know this job-to-be-done?

    • There are many functional and emotional dimension to consider.
    • A deep understanding of the jobs your customers are trying to get done gives you a clearer picture of what really drives purchasing decisions.
    • Here’s how to know:
      • Interview your customers/buyers one-on-one because 1 interview is worth 1000 surveys
      • Understand customers buying journey like where they click and everything

Find active buyers and focus and them first rather than on passive buyers.

  • Marketing
    • Getting in front of the right people, and
    • Convincing them to choose your product

For example, for alarm clocks, the ideal image would be the one which shows the buyers’ emotions. Meaning, rather than showing the high quality images of the clock itself, try to show how it helps people wake up easily.

The same goes with the product descriptions.

Typical Description ❌
- High quality metal
- No ticking
- Night light
- Super loud
- 1 AA battery

Ideal Description ✔
- Stop hitting snoone on your life goals
- Forces you out of even the deepest sleep
- No snooze button - stop hitting snooze
- Keeps your phone out of the bedroom
- Super long lasting battery life
- Looks cute on your nightstand

Customers do not buy products because of who they are, they buy because of who they want to become.