Weird Businesses Series

Posted on Jan 17, 2021

#WeirdBusinessesSeries #1

$1,000,000 for waking people up!!! 😱😱😱

An online tool called Snoozester generated over $1,000,000 in revenue just by calling people at a specified time and waking them up. 💤🛌

You just have to set a time and a reminder message. Snoozester will automatically call you exactly at the specified time and read your reminder message using text-to-speech. ☎️

Very simple, right?

And, people actually pay for this.💰


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#WeirdBusinessesSeries #2

$750 (₹55,000) for a 30-mins Video Call with an Animal!!! 😱😱😱

SweetFarm offers a service called “Goat 2 Meeting” which charges upto $750 for a single video call with animals like Goat and Llama. And, the company generates more than $30,000 per month in revenue.

Just schedule the meeting in advance and at the specified time, an animal of your choice will appear on your screen.

Enjoy!!! 😁


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#WeirdBusinessesSeries #3

$700,000 for Parcelling Printed Potatoes!!!

“Potato Parcel” is an online service which sends custom prints potatoes to your family and friends. The company PotatoParcel has generated over $700,000 in revenue.

Just tell them what message or picture you want them to print and an address to ship. They will print your message on a real potato and deliver it to you or friends.

As simple as that.


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#WeirdBusinessesSeries #4

$100,000 for Sending Sh*t to Your Hated Ones!!!

A company named ShitExpress has generated over $100,000 in revenue in 3 years by sending sh*t to the people who annoy you the most. It sends animal sh*t of your choice to the provided address, anonymously.

You just have to buy the required service from them, provide your enemy’s address and they will deliver in a discrete box without your name on it.

Not sure how this satisfies people, but people are doing it. 😁


#WeirdBusinessesSeries #5

$500 for renting a Chicken!!!

“Rent a Coop” offers a service which lets you rent chickens for up to 12 weeks in a cost of $500. They provide all the necessary equipments and resources for feeding and taking care of the chickens.

You can visit their website and order a suitable offer; they will provide you with all the necessary details. And, you and your family can spend the next couple of weeks watching your chickens grow.

Like, who would have thought that people would go crazy for renting chickens!

People are awesome! 😄

#WeirdBusinessesSeries #6

$150 to Remove Lice from your Hair!!!

A US company called “The Lice Place” offers various kinds of lice removal services. It charges up to $150 per head for complete removal.

You have to book the service and visit at the nearest service center. As advertised, they use 100% natural methods.

It seems head lice is a serious problem out there. 😀

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