USB Condom

Posted on Mar 27, 2021

What is a USB Condom?

A USB Condom is a condom for USB devices to prevent accidental data exchange when your phone is plugged into the charging station or someone else’s PC/laptop or power bank.


Nowadays, USB charging stations are very common in public areas - airports, hospitals, etc.

While it might seem quick and easy to charge your phone, actually it can put your data at risk.

Hackers can target these charging staions and use a process called “Juice Jacking” to install malware on your phone/tablet. They can export all your data and can even lock your phone making it unusable.

There are 3 ways to prevent this:

  • Carry a portable battery power bank of your own
  • Use your own AC adapter in a wall-socket to charge
  • Buy a USB charge-only adapter
  • Use a USB Condom

The job of the USB condom is simple: Turn any USB port into a charge-only port by blocking all the data lines.