SEO Reporting 📃

Posted on Feb 3, 2021

Most of the clients ask for monthly SEO reports, and it’s really not that difficult.

Connect everything to Google Data Studio


  • For Google properties, it can be directly linked to the Data Studio
  • But… for non-Google properties, it can be first imported to Google Sheets and then linked to Data Studio

Pages to Create

Summary page

  • Major deliverables completed that reporting period
  • Open action items that require attention
  • Summary of increases (or decreases) in organic traffic
  • Upcoming meetings, tasks, etc.

Organic traffic summary report

  • Complete history of organic traffic trends
  • Organic sessions and pageviews during the reporting period, previous month and previous year
  • Organic page views during the reporting period, previous month and previous year
  • Organic average time on page and bounce rate
  • Top landing pages from organic traffic and their engagement metrics

Organic traffic breakdown

  • A trend line of your organic traffic by device (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Organic traffic by location and device type
  • Organic traffic by age, sex and device type
  • Engagement rates like time on page, bounce rate and pages per session segmented by device type

Organic landing pages

  • A list of all the entry pages from organic search along with their engagement rates
  • The CTR of your top landing pages in Google
  • A list of the landing pages driving the most sales or leads

Channel comparison

  • Comparison of sessions, engagement metrics and conversions of organic search, referral traffic, direct traffic, social traffic, email, paid traffic etc.

eCommerce conversion and revenue analysis

  • Overall ecommerce conversion rate (organic vs non organic traffic)
  • Overall eCommerce conversion rate (organic vs non organic traffic)
  • Revenue from organic search (this month, last month and last year)
  • Transactions (aka purchases) from organic search (this month, last month and last year)
  • Average order value (AOV) from organic search (this month, last month and last year)
  • The top organic landing pages on your site by sessions and conversion rate (compared to the previous reporting period)

Organic revenue report

  • A chart with organic traffic to product revenue over time
  • Breakdown of organic revenue from mobile vs desktop
  • The top landing pages driving purchases, revenue per user and conversion rate

Organic revenue by demographic

  • Purchases from organic search by age
  • Revenue by location (Country)
  • Revenue by gender
  • Revenue by new vs returning users

Lead generation and conversion analysis

  • Goal conversion rate (organic traffic vs. non organic traffic)
  • Total number of goal conversions (organic traffic vs. non organic traffic)
  • Organic traffic plotted against organic conversions over a long trend period

Lead generation by entry page

  • A big list of your organic landing pages segmented with data on goal completions, goal conversion rate, bounce rate, pages per session and avg time on page

Organic leads by demographic

  • Leads from organic search by age
  • Leads by location (Country)
  • Leads by gender
  • Leads by new vs returning users

Local SEO reporting breakdown

  • The trend of organic vs goal completions on your local landing page
  • Goal conversion rate for your local pages
  • A complete list of your local landing pages organic performance

Keyword visibility progression

  • The number of keywords in the top 3 positions this month, last month and campaign start
  • The average position of your website in Google over time
  • The number of impressions your website is receiving in Google over time

Keyword performance report

  • The search queries visitors are using to find your website
  • The rankings of top keywords across your website displayed as this month vs previous month vs campaign start
  • How traffic from “non branded” queries are trending over the life of your campaign

Links and content published

  • Links landed this month
  • Links landed to date
  • Articles published this month
  • Articles published to date