Product Hunt launch guide

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Product Hunt puts your product in front of all kinds of tech enthusiasts and influencers.

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How to launch

Before launch

  • Create a Product Hunt account with your personal name
  • Sign up for the Product Hunt Newsletter to gain instant access to “posts”, otherwise it takes a week
  • Engage in discussions, regularly
  • Get added as a maker of your product (by sending them an email at [email protected])
  • Understand and hack the Product Hunt ranking algorithm
    • get more upvotes
    • early votes as soon as you launch
    • make people engage in discussions/comments
    • votes from high-value or influencers
    • users going to your site from your post
  • Be active in the community
  • Form connections with other users
  • Attract more and more followers
    • leverage your existing users to follow you on PH
    • post on your social media and ask people to follow you on PH
  • Make a landing page for your upcoming product

Have a Top Hunter post your product

  • Reach out to the top PH hunters to post your product
    • They will post your product and later add you as a maker

Posting your product


  • website link
  • product name
  • tagline [60 words]
  • topics [3-5 topics]
  • status [available, or pre-launch]
  • media/gallery [images, thumbnail, GIF]
  • add makers
  • publish
  • after publishing, add a precise product description
  • leave a comment right away

You can create product landing pages by using the Product Hunt Ship.

The Best time to Post: Just after 12:00am PST

How to engage PH users

  • Ask for feedback
  • Connect with top hunters and influencers
  • Answer peoples’ questions
  • After launch, you and your team should actively participate in the PH discussions

Promoting your Product Hunt page

  • Post the PH page link on the social media
  • Leverage your personal and your team’s connections
  • Reach out to the relevant communities like Reddit and Quora
  • Reach out to your mailing list
  • Get press from journalists
  • You can put a popup on your main website to inform visitors about the PH page
  • Also, drive traffic to a PH search page
  • Promote on the social media
  • Announce and offer exclusive discounts for the PH users

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