Using Notion to Create a Website

Posted on Jun 22, 2021

Source: Using Notion to Create Websites

As an SEO, it was very difficult to see people creating websites using Notion. Like, slow loading speeds and no SEO support wasn’t scary to people?

But recently, I created a website using Notion myself and I absolutely love it.

Notion community has progressed too far now and the platforms like, Potion and are taking this Notion website game to the next level. The websites are converted into a static website and basic SEO features are added too. It’s good overall.

Some of the reasons why I chose Notion are:

  • I can manage everything inside Notion and it’s easier to publish articles
  • With the gallery view database, you can show several boxes on your website and it looks cool (like the screenshot below)
  • If I have to update an article after 2 months, I’d just add a reminder comment on the Notion page and it notifies on the date
  • With the Notion synced blocks feature, you can easily add and update repetitive blocks like footer, subscription box, etc. on any number of pages

And many more features.

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