My story

Posted on Jan 5, 2021

I started writing 5 years ago.

To be exact, I published the very first article on June 21, 2015.

Now, I completely rely on it. It pays my bills.

Was I an excellent writer? No, I am still not.

Was it difficult? No, just a few hours every week.

But, it was consistent, for sure.

During the years, have started several websites; some worked, some failed but it was all worth it.

Learned so many things that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t writing.

The only point I’m trying to make is that as long as you are working in the right direction consistently, you can pull it off.

Months ago, I shared a story on Reddit explaining how working just a few hours a week can get you enough returns if you’re consistent. It was kind of viral.

And, I don’t just write; these days, I am learning to code as well.

Lastly, all I want to say is to keep working. You’re awesome and the world needs you.

PS: Here’s a link to my first writing which was about Airbags in Cars. I don’t write there anymore.

And yes, I am a Mechanical Engineer.