Important marketing stages

Posted on Jan 9, 2021
  1. Discovery

    • people discover your products/services
  2. Assessing

    • people follow people
    • people compare your product with others
    • your business must have a social proof
    • become an expert because people also follow experts
  3. Admitting

    • when a prospect decides to buy
    • make buying processes easy
    • checkout process should be seamless
  4. Buyer’s Remorse Phase

    • it’s sense of regret after having made a purchase
    • after buying, customer’s excitement starts to reduce
    • one way to deal with buyer’s remorse is bonuses/rewards/surprises
    • our goal should be to keep them away from buyer’s remorse
  5. Activating

    • delivering the promises made to the customer
    • build trust, it’s a big part of marketing
  6. Acclimating

    • building a next level relationship with the customer
    • keeping current customers is harder than gaining new customers
    • retaining current customers increases profits
    • introduce new customers to your company in an organized and effective manner
  7. Adopting

    • when the customer takes ownership of the relationship
    • if customers adapt, they see themselves as fans (not customers)
    • product adopting is more important than marketing
    • product adoption is the “experience around it” and “relationships people build with it”
  8. Advocating

    • earned media is the best kind of media
    • imagine people publishing good stories without you ever asking them
    • imagine people buying your product as gift to others
    • imagine people recommending your product to their friends without any rewards in returns

That’s it.