How Blake Uses Twitter

Posted on May 30, 2021

Stolen from: source

  • Build in public: share updates about life, things you read and learn, what’s working and also what’s not working in public
  • All content creation is self-promotion: try to establish yourself as an expert in the field by creation HQ contents
  • Embrace momentum and be prolific: create HQ threds every day for weeks, and that’s that took Blake from 20k to 35k+
  • Prefer threads over single tweets: because threads are becoming increasingly popular and drive a lot of followers

Grab content ideas from everywhere.

  • use tools like to sort tweets by impression and engagements and repurpose the most successful ones into threads
  • recycle your content because a piece that performed better at times, can drive more followers, again.

How to identify great thread ideas?

Look for thread ideas that

  • encourages people to converse
  • answer 1 specific question
  • are relatable

Also, here are some more ideas to make your threads reach more people:

  • do not make it like a blog post
  • set a simple pre-format and use the same all the time
  • add appealing visuals
  • optimize CTA for retweets
  • make people ask for your product, do not just post the links
  • use GIFs as CTA
  • engage with everyone

That’s it.