Growth Hacking Snapchat's Spotlight (TikTok)

Posted on Feb 26, 2021

Casey, an online creator who has been lurking on the edges of YouTube and Instagram for a few years, saw an opportunity to exploit this reward system. He worked out that if you make enough videos on a daily basis, they’re bound to wind up on the trending page. This is what is referred to as ‘growth hacking’.

So, everyday, through what I can only assume was done in sheer determination to purchase his own one square foot apartment in London (it’s expensive here), he made sure to hit Snapchat’s limit of one hundred videos per day. One hundred videos. A day.

The logic hiding behind this sheer act of madness is that, sure, you may get the odd video that’s only viewed by sixty or seventy people, but another one out of that one hundred might get millions, slapping you on Snapchat’s top trending page.

Over the course of one week, Casey earned himself over one hundred thousand dollars. In three weeks, with seventy videos in the top one hundred, Casey brough in one and a half MILLION. At the time of writing, he’s comfortably cruising towards three million dollars in Spotlight payments.

Stolen from: Cam Casey: Earning Millions Through Snapchat’s ‘TikTok’