Electric cars are not scalable

Posted on Jan 5, 2021

👉 Electric cars are NOT scalable.

In short: I think, electric cars work because currently there are only a few of them. Electric cars are not scalable with the current infrastructure. ⚡

People are not going to buy electric cars until there are enough charging stations. Most of the people think in absolutes like how are they going to travel long distance without enough charging stations. 🔋

Let me explain:

Imagine a situation where all the cars in India are electric cars. If there are currently ⛽ X petrol pumps in India then it would need to have 🔌 8-16X charging stations to serve all those cars. Because charging takes a lot more time than fueling.

And, to supply enough power, all the charging stations should have to be connected to a nearby high-voltage power sub-station. 💡 Let’s assume, people only charge their cars at home then it would double or triple their electric load. ⚡ And, if everyone doubles or triples, our current power grids and sub-stations are not designed to handle it.

👉 We’ll need to build proper infrastructure to handle our electricity needs.

However, it’s not impossible though. 🙅‍♂️