Tech unicorns' Content Marketing strategies

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

Create #NextLevel contents on almost every possible questions/queries that your users might have.

Most of the tech unicorns offer contents with the followings titles:

  • The complete playbook to x
  • The big book of x
  • How-to do x at scale
  • The state of the market report
  • What’s hot in x
  • x demystified
  • x 101
  • x reality vs. hype
  • How, what, why of x
  • x annual survey

And, some tips for out-of-the-box marketing:

  • Using buzzwords
  • Using language not usually associated with business
  • One word headlines
  • Bold claims
  • Simple and to the point
  • Experience in a box
  • Explicitly saying who you are for