Lessons learned after 16 projects on Product Hunt

Posted on May 16, 2021
  • ask someone popular to hunt you
    • they will make your product appear on the first page
    • research about the hunter’s interest and previous hunts before pitching
  • there’s a strong competition on Monday and Tuesday and chances of going unnoticed are high
  • accept feedbacks and comment back to each reply
  • send a private invitation to beta features or offer something valuable to those who love your product
  • you may be unexpectedly hunted by someone else and in that case, ask PH staff to delist you
  • make Product Hunters feel special by adding a PH kitty banner on the homepage
  • Tweet “thanks for the upvote!” to each supporter and follow them, offer discounts if possible
  • add a blog post, press mentions, or interviews to the PH page
  • attach a photo of yourself or team showing you’re happy to be on the Product Hunt
  • do not ask anyone directly to upvote you, always ask to support you
  • after 6 months you can make some modifications to your product and repost
  • make your intro comment honest, interesing, exciting, and explaining
  • get a list of all who upvoted by using this tool and dev token
  • to gain followers, post new products of big companies and gain new followers
  • challenge other members of the community by asking tough questions
  • use emojis
  • PH loves directories/lists of tools and resources
  • must set up Google Analytics goals and Facebook pixel too
  • prepare a list of possible questions that people may ask and write their answers too, it’ll save time on the launch day
  • do not just ask for money, build an awesome sales funnel
  • show off your PH badges, it’s a social proof
  • publish your new updates and features as a new post on PH
  • be careful when posting on the same domain (xyz.com/new-product), the algorithm may remove you for being a too frequent poster
  • ⚡ if you want to publish an update/post a project on an already posted domain, wait atleast for 5-6 months
  • create a live video stream of your PH launch on YouTube or FB, also prepare some contests
  • launch another product on the next day to drive even more attention to your main product by mentioning the previous project in the first comment
  • make new friends everyday, help others and share kindness

After all, Product Hunt is just the first step. You can still go forward even if you fail.